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Asian Fest Forms

Sponsor Package

Sponsor Letter

Required Documents:
Sponsor/Vendor Form


Vendor Package

Vendor Letter

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Sponsor/Vendor Form


Food Vendor Package

Food Vendor Letter

Required Documents:
Sponsor/Vendor Form

Norfolk Department of Health
Food Safety
Temporary Food Service & Outdoor Events
Temporary permits are issued for food booths operating at a single event or celebration, such as a fair, carnival, or festival. If the food is not prepared and handled in a sanitary manner, the public's health may be at risk. The attached safe food handling guidelines designed to protect the public health and an application is provided. Please complete the application and submit for review. The fee for this service is $20. Call 757-683-2712 for further information. 
Temporary Food Service Establishment Requirements and Application



Required Documents:
Performance Form/Application

The performance form needs to be completed and returned by April 25, 2018.


Send completed Sponsor and Vendor and Performance forms to

Food Vendors (anyone who provides food or beverages) must fill out and submit a Food Vendor Form as well as obtain a health permit ($40).  For further details about the health permit, please visit the Norfolk Department of Health site.  Any other type of vendor, including informational, must submit a Non-Food Vendor Form.

All Sponsor and Vendor forms are due by April 6, 2018.

Friendship Games

To participate in the Friendship Games at this year's Asian Fest, please fill out the form below by April 27, 2018.  There is a $5 fee to participate.

Friendship Games Registration