The Asian Pacific American Heritage Organization (APAHO) was formed by the Asian American Communities in Hampton Roads to celebrate and raise public awareness of the many important contributions made by Pacific Americans. APAHO was conceived as a non-profit, non-sectarian and non-politicial organization to facilitate its service to all Americans. As part of APAHO’s effort to integrate Asian Pacific cultural traditions within the evolving fabric of American society, APAHO conducts its annual celebration of Asian Fest, each May. The month of May has been designated by the President of the United States as Asian Pacific Heritage month to recognize and publicize the contributions of Asian Pacific Americans throughout the nation.

The Objectives of APAHO are to:

  • Promote mutual understanding and appreciation among different ethnic groups.
  • Encourage and facilitate member groups to enter the mainstream of American society.
  • Teach younger generations their cultural traditions and instill a sense of pride in their heritage.