Local Asian Schools and Educational Groups

Buddhist Education Center of America – Dong Hung Temple

Following the dharma-teaching tradition of previous patriarchies and great masters of our Buddhist sect through many generations in our homeland of Vietnam, the residing monks of Dong Hung Temple in Virginia Beach (aka Buddhist Education Center of America) also want to bring the Dharma to the public in general, and particularly, to the residents of this Hampton Road locality.


(757) 689-3408

Newport News Japanese School

Newport News Japanese School was established in February, 1988 and is open on Saturdays, once a week.

The school is organized by the parents of the students for the purpose of providing an opportunity to develop Japanese language skills (speaking, writing, and reading) to learn and expand their knowledge of Japanese culture and traditions. The students will be involved in the courses that incorporate activities of a global nature, whose aim is to contribute to acculturation between the U.S. and Japan, and to foster other international friendships.

The school has a Preschool class (2 years before elementary school), Elementary classes (1st through 6th grade), Middle classes (7th through 9th grade) and International classes (2 classes depending on Japanese language fluency)

Saturdays only

Class Schedule:

Preschool : 09:00 – 12:00
Elementary, Middle : 08:40 – 12:40
International (C1) : 08:40 – 10:30
International (C2) : 10:50 – 12:40
Schedule subject to change by special events.


Mr. Kondo, Administrator (Saturday 08:00 – 12:40)

‘Ohana Arts Studio

‘Ohana arts studio honors and perpetuates traditions of our past.  I dedicate our studio and what we do to all of my kupuna, especially my grandmothers, Dorothy Leilani Moniz DeSilva and Rose Lokelani Lum Tam-Hoy.  They helped raise me and I am what I am today because of them and what they did for me and my family.  Mahalo e na kupuna!

Our studio gets its name (‘Ohana) because we are family-focused.  ’Ohana means “family” in the Hawaiian language.  I offer classes in sewing, authentic Plolynesian dancing (via my Kinderhula and Polynesian Dance Studio programs), Hawaiian quilting and more.


Lisa Noelani Robbins
(757) 369-0996
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Peninsula Hanaro Korean School

Peninsula Hanaro Korean School was established in August 2004 to teach Korean language, culture, history, and a variety of Korean tradition. School is primarily geared for Korean Americans but it is open to anyone who is interested in Korean culture in the peninsula area.  With 40-50 students ranging from Kindergarten to 11th grade, it is the largest and only non church affiliated Korean School in the peninsula area.  It offers language classes and cultural events every Saturday morning at McMurran Hall, Christopher Newport University in Newport News.


Sung Mi Kim, Principal
(757) 303-6584

Tidewater Chinese School (TCS)

Established in 1982 by a group of Taiwan Chinese American families, TCS is a non-profit tax exempt organization recognized by IRS. It has provided Chinese language and cultural services to local people in Tidewater Area of Virginia.

It is now growing into approximately 22 classes, 180 students, 22 teachers community school. Its campus is located in ODU Batten Arts and Letters Building. People come to learn simplified and traditional Chinese Mandarin Language and cultural courses such as folk dance, Chinese chess and calligraphy, Chinese music instrument, chorus, Martial Arts, etc on Saturday afternoon.